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Elevating spaces through innovative design and timeless architecture, turning dreams into reality.

The quality of your environment significantly influences your life. Whether it's your home, workplace, or public spaces, creating spaces that reflect your desired quality of life is paramount. At Spaces4You, we offer professional architecture and design solutions, tailored to projects of any scale. Serving primarily Surrey and South West London clients, we take pride in producing buildings and designs that both parties can cherish.

In crafting your dream project, we consider every construction aspect, from structural stability to harnessing natural light and integrating fire protection. We also liaise with local authorities to ensure compliance with building regulations. Our unwavering commitment is to provide dedicated, timely services. We guarantee that the building plans we deliver are both on schedule and within our clients' budget expectations. Unleash the potential of your dream space with Spaces4You, your expert construction and building solutions provider in the UK.

Our Focus

We provide architecture and design services for homeowners, developers, and commercial clients. While many architects primarily tackle large-scale projects, our company specializes in residential architecture and commercial work. Our hallmark is delivering cost-effective packages that integrate our expertise with your project ideas and detailed plans. Our primary focus is on:


  • Initial Consultation

  • Interior Design

  • Spatial Planning

  • Custom-designed Furnishings

  • Bespoke Architectural Designs

  • Joinery

  • Kitchen Work

  • Bathroom Remodeling

  • Fireplaces

  • Fibrous Plaster Work

  • Painting

  • Marble Works

  • Furnishings and Fittings

  • Follow-up Work

Why Choose Us?

Spaces4You boasts 31 years of experience in home and commercial improvement.

Beyond traditional construction services, we specialize in residential and commercial projects, offering unique architecture and design services.

From project inception to execution and post-management, Spaces4You provides comprehensive coverage.

We proudly hold the certification of a Chartered Building Company.

For all major design and architectural works by Spaces4You, a 6-month defects liability period is included.

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