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Unearth the hidden potential of your home with our exceptional Basement Conversions.

When you're feeling space-starved, the solution often lies beneath your feet. In the UK, residents are increasingly exploring the depths of their properties to extend their living spaces. Creating additional areas below ground has become a trend, with spaces transformed into gold-tiled pools, classic car parking, study rooms, extra bedrooms, or cozy lounges. The era of using basements solely for coal storage is long gone. As the demand for basements continues to rise, so does the need for skilled basement builders. Spaces4You has been providing housing and construction solutions to clients in Surrey and South West London since 1985, offering exclusive basement conversion services.


Frequently, houses come with underutilized basement space. Through professional assistance from Spaces4You, clients have successfully converted dark, neglected corners into livable areas that enhance the property's aesthetics and overall value. Whether you're a millionaire or an average suburbanite, the common need for additional space is driving people in the UK to opt for basement conversions.

Planning Permission:

Converting an existing cellar, making modest alterations and extensions may not always necessitate a planning application, especially if it doesn't significantly impact the building's exterior appearance. However, the requirements may vary from one property to another. It's essential to stay informed about the 'Permitted Development Rights' specific to your property.

Benefits of Basement Conversion:

  • With the right planning permission (if required), you can transform the extra space into whatever suits your needs.

  • Basements provide efficient insulation, retaining heat more effectively.

  • You can generate income from a basement conversion, either by renting to tenants or offering it as a B&B option. I

  • t's a cost-effective solution to expand your living space without the need to move.

  • No major alterations are made to the building's exterior structure.

  • The Spaces4You Edge – Why Choose Us:

  • We employ top-quality materials and products for basement design, construction, and conversion.

  • We are equipped to handle various projects and customize basement conversions to your specific requirements.

  • Timely and budget-friendly project delivery is our commitment.

  • As forerunners in the UK's building and construction services industry, we have served Surrey and South West London for over 31 years.

  • Spaces4You is a certified Chartered Building Company.

  • We provide end-to-end solutions, from property assessment to initial design, surveillance, construction, and post-surveillance services.


  • Pricing:

  • Conversion of basements in a typical terraced house (under the hallway) starts at £25,000.

  • Fitting out costs amount to approximately £30,000.

  • For creating basements under hall and reception rooms in a typical terraced house, costs range from £90,000 up to £400,000 for detached houses.


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