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Elevate hospitality with our seamless Hotel Conversions.

Throughout our journey, Spaces4You has honed its construction methods, skillfully balancing client needs. Notably, we excel in refreshing and rebranding hotels, regardless of their category, from budget to boutique. Furnishing a hotel entails careful considerations, and Spaces4You offers tailored commercial hotel refurbishment solutions to our valued clients in Surrey and South West London. Since our establishment in 1985, we have pioneered top-tier building and construction services, significantly enhancing the aesthetics and value of numerous properties across the UK. When your hotel project is completed, you can be assured of a pristine space, free from sawdust, ensuring your guests' comfort. Our complete, holistic hotel refurbishment solutions are readily available at your fingertips.

Our Services:

Our specialized services encompass expanding the hotel's room capacity, redecorating existing spaces, enhancing furniture, and executing minor construction projects to streamline hotel operations and elevate the brand's image. Exterior refurbishment includes windows, roofing, guttering, paving, fencing, exterior joinery, lighting, and boundary walls. On the inside, we cover access flooring, glazing, partitioning, fixtures, fittings, electrical rewiring, painting, and plastering. Should you require it, we also offer cyclical hotel improvement, ensuring your hotel remains in prime condition. Hotel décor can deteriorate with use, impacting the customer experience. We minimize these issues through periodic refurbishment and maintenance, guaranteeing that your hotel always maintains its pristine condition. Quality and workmanship are non-negotiable principles at Spaces4You.

Why Choose Us:

  • Spaces4You builders are leaders in the home and commercial improvement/construction services industry.

  • We have accumulated 31 years of expertise and specialize in the hospitality and leisure sector, in addition to residential projects.

  • We offer comprehensive building and construction services, from the planning stages to the final execution and post-management of the project.

  • Spaces4You holds the esteemed title of a certified Chartered Building Company, with NICEIC approval for contractors.

  • All works undertaken by Spaces4You are covered by a 6-month defects liability period.

  • We provide cost-effective solutions tailored to your budget and specific requirements.

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