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Building Extensions

Unlock your property's full potential with our expert building extensions that add space and value to your home.

Building extensions, as the name implies, involve adding extra space to your property, making them an effective way to enhance your home's value. With property prices rapidly rising, many UK homeowners are opting to expand their existing properties to meet their space requirements. However, like any significant project, there are numerous factors to carefully consider before undertaking an extension. Spaces4You provides tailored home improvement, building, and construction services to residents in Surrey and South West London. Since 1985, Spaces4You has been a pioneer in state-of-the-art building and construction services, contributing substantial aesthetic and monetary value to countless properties in the UK.

Building Extensions:

Benefits of Building Extensions:

  • You have the flexibility to expand existing rooms or add new ones according to your needs.

  • You can extend your space upward for a loft conversion or downward to create a basement. If approved, you can also extend outward.

  • You won't be affected by the volatile housing market, eliminating the need to move.

  • You can generate income from the extended space. It can be converted into a home office for your business, a dance studio, or offered as a homestay/bed and breakfast option.

Planning Permission:

If your extension plan involves significant alterations to the property's size, shape, or length, you'll need planning permission. For instance, if your proposed extension exceeds the existing roof's height, extends more than four meters high, encroaches two meters into your property, or increases the total property volume by 10%, you must obtain approved planning permission to proceed with the work.

Why Choose Us?

Spaces4You is a leading name in the home improvement and construction services industry, with 31 years of experience. We offer comprehensive building and construction services, from the initial planning stages to project execution and post-management. Spaces4You is a certified Chartered Building Company, with approval from NIC EIC as contractors. All work performed by Spaces4You comes with a 6-month defects liability period.


Building extensions can range from £40,000 to £300,000, depending on the size and client's requirements. The fitting-out costs are contingent on kitchen specifications and finishes for walls and floors.

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