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  • Do I have a choice of fittings and finishes?
    Yes, you have options. During the design phase, we work to establish specifications for these items. You can choose between painted walls or wallpaper (up to £50 per roll) and select a bathroom suite, ranging from £300 at B&Q to a £5,000 suite from Germany.
  • What about party wall awards?
    If your building is adjacent to or close to a boundary or party wall, you may need one or more party wall awards. Neighbours cannot halt the work, but both you and your neighbour(s) have rights. The process can sometimes be lengthy, and it's advisable to budget £500-£1,000 per award. We typically handle this in-house for better control.
  • How much stress is involved?
    Any building work can be somewhat stressful. There might be noise, debris, and occasional deviations from the plan. Supplier delays and snagging tasks like paint touch-ups or securing loose fixtures can occur. We ensure a smooth process with a thorough snagging list reviewed by DAP Constructions' Engineer and the client.
  • Will I need planning permission?
    Most conversions require planning and building control approvals. New basements, especially those altering the house's external appearance, usually require planning permission.
  • Is the price fixed?
    Design discussions and an investigative phase are crucial to identify potential additional work. Building projects, especially those with substantial groundwork, may have cost increases. If extra work is necessary, we'll explain what's required and why. Your approval before proceeding is paramount to us.
  • Will underpinning be required for a new Basement?
    The need for underpinning depends on your project's nature and the depth of existing foundations. Underpinning involves incremental excavation beneath existing foundations, followed by additional concrete.
  • How much does it cost up to full planning Permission?
    Our total fee for all jobs is usually between 10% to 14% of the construction cost, excluding VAT. The fee for the pre-tender phase typically accounts for 75-80% of the total fee. For example, for an £80,000 project, our total fee would be £11,260, with £8,900 allocated for the pre-tender phase. These figures may vary based on project specifics and client input.
  • Full Planning for Loft Schemes:
    Loft schemes with a £40,000 budget can achieve full planning for a fixed sum of £3,000. All project costs can be fixed, contingent on information provided by the client before signing a contract.
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