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At Spaces4You, we take immense pride in our diverse portfolio of projects, each a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence. Here, you'll find a visual journey through the homes, commercial spaces, and renovations we've brought to life. We've transformed visions into reality, building more than structures; we've crafted spaces that inspire and fulfill. 



Discover our latest house extension masterpiece in Ashtead! We've skillfully expanded living spaces while preserving the unique character of this charming home.



Explore the beauty of our house extension project in Cheam! We've skillfully expanded this home, keeping its charm intact. With Spaces4You, you can witness the perfect blend of modern design and functionality in these captivating photos.



Created a contemporary-designed extension, involved the removal of a corner house and structural reinforcement using steel beams, added electrically operated roof lights, a sliding door system to the garden, and designed a new garden with water features, with a project cost of £95,000.



Constructed a single-story side extension, eliminated the external corner of the house, and built an open-plan kitchen extension with a sliding door system leading to the garden. The project included the installation of a new kitchen, boiler, underfloor heating system, and flooring, with a total cost of £49,000.


Worcester Park

Transformed a 3-bedroom house into a 5-bedroom, 2 en-suite bathroom house with a new double garage, kitchen, 2-story side extension, attic conversion, and driveway, at a project cost of £122,000.



Constructed a spacious 90m² open-plan kitchen with a new kitchen, underfloor heating system, two new bathrooms, and structural modifications involving the replacement of load-bearing external walls with steel beams, including decorative elements, at a project cost of £120,000.


Welbeck Street

Transformed a one-bedroom flat into a two-bedroom, two-bathroom flat with a new kitchen, underfloor heating system, and added utility space in the basement coal shed, including decorative enhancements, at a project cost of £46,000.


Wimbledon Villiage

Completely refurbished a house in Wimbledon Village, involving the removal of all internal walls and their replacement with a concealed structural frame within the floor space, resulting in an open-plan layout across all floors. The project included the installation of a new kitchen, boiler, underfloor heating system, a kitchen extension, oak flooring, glass stairs, and comprehensive decorations, with a project value of £85,000.


Wimbledon Park

Completed a Mansard Attic Conversion on the top floor of a semi-detached house in Wimbledon Park for Kevin O'Brien, with a total project cost of £80,000. This transformation added one spacious double bedroom, a walk-in cupboard, and a large bathroom. The enhanced property value increased by £200,000.


Tooting Bec

Comprehensive house refurbishment, including external facade cleaning.


Hammersmith SW6

Complete refurbishment with attic conversion in SW6.


Kensington (Winkworths)

Comprehensive office refurbishment for Winkworths estate agents, encompassing all-new joinery across three floors.


Putney Flats

Undertook structural alterations and stabilization of a house to address subsidence issues, and remodelled and refurbished nine flats, which involved underpinning existing foundations, with a project cost of £95,000.



Renovation of three office floors, including a fresh reception area and new lift installation, with a project cost of £135,000.



Unveil the beauty of our Epsom house extension, a testament to our skillful craftsmanship. At Spaces4You, we've seamlessly expanded living spaces while maintaining the home's inherent character.

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